Must-Have Upgrades To Grow Your Trucking Company And How To Get Them

For growing trucking companies, there comes a time when the existing trucking systems, infrastructure and processes just won’t support growth! They might be working fine and delivering what you ask of them, but they have no room to expand. In some cases, they might actually be stifling growth and hampering productivity.

When you see the need to invest in upgrading your legacy systems or adding newer functionalities, it is best to do so immediately! Waiting will only make things worse and can even result in your customers decamping to your better-prepared competitors.

Of course, capital plays a vital part in upgrading businesses, and this is where we come in. Money Matters Now helps trucking businesses access growth-financing in the form of several well-designed funding products. As a trucking fleet owner, you can find quick cash advances, a long-running business Line of Credit, and large equipment financing deals with us. Since our inception, we have helped many trucking companies embark on profitable journeys, and upgrading their systems and infrastructure played a big part in many such cases. Here’s a look at the three most popular upgrades we have helped finance recently –

1 IT Systems and Digital Tools

From Communication Control Systems and state-of-the-art GPS-integrated driving technology to sensor-driven Blind Spot Detection systems, there are many digital tools that can increase customer satisfaction, enhance productivity, and make operations safer for all stakeholders.

IT service providers can help you upgrade your core systems, and we recommend you work with someone well-known in the trucking industry to bring new technology into your company. For upfront investment, cash advances by MMN are always available!

2. Add A New Truck Or Upgrade Existing Office Infrastructure

Upgrades don’t just have to be in the realm of technology; if you see a consistent uptick in demand, then adding a new truck is a great way of increasing your revenue. Also, improving or expanding office space or similar infrastructure can help enhance brand reputation and productivity. Of course, these additions can be quite extensive and expensive, and tapping alternative lenders like MMN for equipment financing is a stress-free way to get the extras you need.

3. Expand And Improve Staff Training

Along with equipment and technology, it is important to ensure your workforce – specifically your drivers – are well versed in the latest safety and road etiquette guidelines. We highly recommend that you work with a professional agency to keep your drivers and other employees completely up-to-date on all the latest FMCSA regulations. It is also useful to provide training on new technology to the people using it on the road. To invest in employee knowledge and skill enhancement, companies can use Alternative-financing options such as taking on a Business Line of Credit for long term expenses or cash advances for short bursts of payments. Both are available on the Money Matters Now portal.

At Money Matters Now, we are committed to supporting the trucking industry of America. For those truckers who have found it hard to find traditional means of getting capital, for those who have been refused funding, and for those who can see growth opportunities but cannot reach it without money – we say – don’t worry! We’ve got your back!

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