Type Of Financing

Types of Financing To Meet Your Needs

Financing a Trucking Business

We provide various types of funding for a liquor business each designed to help them through a unique capital crunch.

Be it financing to tide over a short-term cash flow gap such as for buying equipment or making payroll or liquor store business financing for store expansion or renovations, we can get you what you want!

Medical Practice Loans

New innovations are always just around the corner in the healthcare industry and thus it might require investment from time to time.

We provide medical shop business financing in the form of a cash advance for medical stores. We aim at ensuring that medical stores get the capital they need quickly and easily to keep running and growing their businesses.

Nightclub Financing

A nightclub can be super profitable, but only if it can attract and retain enough clients.

Owners must therefore constantly reinvent their offerings and often, extra funding is required before profits catch up again.

So, we offer finance for night clubs in the form of a nightclub-lounge cash advance to cover the immediate needs which can be used as working capital.

Retail Store Financing

For online retailers looking for a cash injection to tide them over a lean phase, we offer retail store business funding to help with both physical and virtual store expenses.

While a quick cash advance could solve immediate problems like keeping supply chains ticking along and employees happy, long term online retail business financing can make your presence felt online.

Funding for Trucking Business

The trucking business is very capital intensive and seasonal. Cash and profits come in spurts, but the expenses remain constant.

To help trucking businesses keep rolling, we offer different trucking funding options. While small and short term cash advances can help owners cover their immediate liquidity gaps, collateral covered long term advances help expanding inventory and fleet size.

Auto Repair Shop Loans

We know that different automotive businesses have different financing needs.

At Money Matters Now, you can get cash advance for auto repair shops & business quickly without getting bothered with credit scores.

We understand that just because a small automotive business has been turned down by a bank, it doesn’t mean they have to face a financial crunch.

Type of Financing

Our expansive portfolio of products has been carefully selected to cater to a wide customer base, because we know that ‘One Size Never Fits All’. Therefore we offer products that are compatible to your business’ needs whether you have been a Veteran in the market or a newbie to the world of entrepreneurship.

Our Products Include

  • SBA Business Loans
  • Traditional Factoring
  • Line Of Credit Loans
  • Start-Up Loans

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