Use Alt-Funding To Get Your Shop COVID-Safe And Ready To Welcome Customers

The economy is opening up; the lockdown has been lifted, and, for better or worse, the quarantine life is over. But are you ready to open up your retail business to customers? More importantly, do your customers feel safe enough to enter?

While you cannot control changing customer behavior, you can understand it and address customer concerns to ensure your business stands out as a customer-first establishment. With the new normal sinking in, stores could look at going the extra mile to make the customer experience relaxed, fun, and safe. Here is a quick look at some of the steps you can take to make your store COVID-safe:

Installing Basic Covid-19 Protocols

First off, you have to get the basics in place to ensure hand hygiene, social distancing, and other quintessential corona virus etiquettes. This includes simple things such as painting social distancing markers, buying thermal temperature guns, and remodeling your store interiors to create more space between the shoppers and the staff.

Workforce Training

You will also need to train your employees to enforce regulations and handle unpredictable situations. While this may seem like an easy activity, you will be surprised to know how small details can crop up when you do a dry run. Our recommendation would be to hire a professional to train your employees in ALL aspects of managing customers and their expectations while ensuring everyone’s safety in the shop.


A thorough deep cleaning of the premises is a must for ensuring safety and hygiene. Since it is not possible to maintain an extremely high level of cleanliness with the in-house cleaning staff alone, you will need professional sanitization experts on a regular basis.

Investing In Technology

Contactless POS equipment, apps for virtual trying-out of clothes, apps for QR scanning of items, self-checkout areas, and sanitization equipment like UV boxes; all these tech solutions can be added to reassure the customers of social distance practices and safety.

The list of To Dos can be endless; however, the best way forward is to assess what your core clientele needs by floating a short survey and building COVID-safe protocols and changes based on its findings.

Now, if you are wondering how to fund the big-ticket items on the list above, then we have the right solution for you -Alternative financing!

Many of the COVID-safe and-install in the mid-level investment bracket. They aren’t expensive enough to justify the effort and hassle of a traditional bank credit process, but at the same time, can dent the already thin wallets of small business owners. A merchant cash advance from an alternative lender fits in this gap perfectly. From small funding of $500 to a huge advance of $20,000, Alt-financing companies can cater to various small business funding needs. You don’t need a perfect FICO score or collateral to get your application approved. The process is light on paperwork and quick. We, at Money Matters Now, can wrap up your cash advance needs within a few days.

For more information about your cash advance needs for your store, we are available for a free consultation. Just pick up your phone and dial 877-573-6677 to speak to a funding professional at Money Matters Now.

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